The Greatest Hits

by Eraserhead

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released February 7, 2013

Guitar/Vocals - Mat Morand
Guitar - Devan Power
Bass/Vocals - Roye Truong
Drums - Josh Cassidy

released 07 February 2013
Recorded by Jesse Fellows.



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Psychic Readings Windsor, Ontario

Independant label from Windsor, ON

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Track Name: Lifejacket
Forced it on our plate.
So Tired, just can't relate.
Just take in what you can
and forget just to forget.
Trapped on this sinking ship,
even rats find some way out of it,
while you wait and contemplate
and get dragged to the abyss.
Drown, you bastards.
I'll watch you drown, and do nothing.
Track Name: Gravity
Going down
Flying through the street.
Can't keep up
Can't keep up with me.
Tiny rocks all lay at my feet.
Going down with no fear
with no fear of gravity.
Going down.
Can't get up.
Push hard as you want.
Track Name: Degg
Cold, blank deadpan expression
Yeah the dead still walk the streets
In huddled masses under rooftops
Jaded, young and indiscreet.

Will someone tell me what I'm doing here?
Will someone tell me what the fuck I'm doing?

I didn't come to
I didn't come to start more trouble
So when I come to
Shut me up and wheel me out the door.

Maybe I'm the one who just doesn't get it
Maybe I'm the one who just wasn't there
You'll all say I really wasn't with it
So someone tell me what the fuck I'm doing.